Universal Kid Academy provides high-level curriculum alongside qualified teachers to facilitate academic, athletic, and life-skills workshops. The difference between us and other elite after school care providers: we offer our services free of charge to our students.



Our Curriculum

Our offerings include:

  • Public Speaking
  • Debate
  • Musical Theater
  • Lego Engineering
  • Stock Market Math
  • Creative Writing
  • Self Defense/Yoga/Zumba


Our Methods

How do we do it?

We contract with partner organizations ranging from low-income housing developments, to youth correctional centers, to non-profits geared toward supporting the homeless community to provide academic, athletic, and life skills enrichment opportunities at no cost to the students.

Our Philosophy

UKA’s goal is to help level the playing field by rendering high quality academic, athletic, and life-skills courses accessible to children and seniors who couldn’t ordinarily afford them. We believe first-rate supplemental enrichment and passionate, dedicated teachers should not only be available to a privileged few.